Individual Networking Program


If you want to have a successful and fitting career, if you want to have an exciting social life while in a foreign country, if you want to improve your mastery of foreign languages or learn new ones, if you want to live a balanced and predictable life the Individual Networking Program is just the thing you need.

What is this program?

A 1-3 months long individual training program during which with the help of coaching, counselling and psychological tools I support your forming a network of connections which will help you to:

  • give a new momentum to your career,
  • be surrounded by friends even when abroad,
  • live a more predictable life,
  • feel yourself more at home in a foreign country,
  • be looked up to by others,
  • create a life for yourself that will keep you satisfied.

How can networking help you during your life abroad?

1. Your mastery of the language will improve very fast when you practice in “live” situations.

2. You will fit in in the new country and new culture much easier and much faster.

3. The cultural shock will be lighter and shorter.

4. You will find a job that fits you more easily.

5. You can plan and realize the healthy balance of work and private life.

6. You can become a member of an excellent team.

7. You will not be lonely or depressed.

8. You will overcome the challenges of your life in a foreign country more easily.

If you are interested in this networking program or have questions please do not hesitate to contact me at or APPLY HERE for a complimentary session.

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