About coaching


Coaching has become a very popular concept recently that can be found everywhere. But what does it mean?

A coach is a specialist who helps his or her clients develop their inner potentials. The coach does not give advice but supports the clients to develop their OWN unique solutions.

During a coaching session the coach supports this process of development with questions and special exercises.

Coaching is an exciting journey where I will accompany you as your expert, guide and supporter. In the course of our journey you will have the opportunity to discover your hidden potentials and resources that will enable you to find the most efficient solutions to your private life and work related problems and questions.

Coach originally meant a sport trainer, the concept of coaching has crossed from sports psychology to business life in the 80s. In 1974 Harvard University lecturer Timothy Gallwey, who was also a tennis expert published his book titled The Inner Game of Tennis containing pioneering ideas: the goal and task of the coach is to develop the individual’s potential by helping him or her to learn. A good coach does not instruct the athlete but helps him or her overcome the inner hurdles hampering him or her in achieving top performance.

A good coach is not a consultant. She does not provide ready-to-use advice, instead asks questions that help her client find the potential alternatives and choose the solution most suitable for him or her. She helps the client overcome the inner hurdles preventing excellence.

Coaching is not therapy, it does not focus on the past, the mistakes and the problems. Coaching is a future-, solution- and possibility-oriented process in which the client participates as his or her own expert. The coach tries to find the strengths of the client instead of looking for errors to be corrected.

Coaching is not training. It does not focus on the development of individual skills, instead it deals with the whole personality. It is an excellent way to develop skills but it is much more than that.

Coaching is not a friendly chat as our friends will usually say what we would like to hear while the coach says what we need to hear. During a coaching session the only topic is the client’s problem and the coach is present to help the client’s development and solution seeking with her questions.

If you are interested in coaching or have questions please do not hesitate to contact me at petra.votisky@coachingformastery.com or APPLY HERE for a complimentary session.

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