Expat coaching


The word expat or expatriate originally referred to employees of multinational companies delegated to work abroad. Today the word has a much wider meaning as it refers to anyone living and working in a foreign country.

Expat coaching is for people who wish to develop, make the right decisions and make the best use of the situations they find themselves in during their stay in a foreign country. This journey into a different culture may open up new perspectives for them not only in their work but also in their private lives. It may mobilize so far hidden abilities that can give a new momentum to their lives.

Such support may be useful not only for people already living abroad but also for those who are just preparing to move to a foreign country.

If you are interested in coaching or have questions please do not hesitate to contact me at petra.votisky@coachingformastery.com or APPLY HERE for a complimentary session.

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