Life Balance Test


The following exercise is titled Wheel of Life. It helps you examine 8 important areas of your life and decide how balanced you are.

These 8 areas are the following:

  1. Physical environment

  2. Career

  3. Personal development and learning

  4. Finances

  5. Health

  6. Social environment (family, friends)

  7. Love, relationship

  8. Free time, relaxation

This exercise may show you which are is worth focusing on to achieve a balanced state, that is, become master of your own life.

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CLICK HERE to download and print the exercise complete with the instructions, or scroll down to read it!



The 8 sections of the wheel of life represent the 8 important areas of your life.

Eletkerek_mintaFirst of all, print the figure below or draw one for yourself!

  1. Please change, split or rename any category so that it’s meaningful and represents a balanced life for you.
  2. Next, taking the centre of the wheel as 1 and the outer edge as 10, rank your level of satisfaction with each area out of 10 by drawing a straight or curved line to create a new outer edge (see example). You may fill the area between the centre of the circle and the line drawn by you, if you want to.

  3. The new perimeter of the circle represents your ‘Wheel of Life’.

  4. Study the completed figure! What do you notice?

Wheel of Life

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