Professional background


My name is Petra Votisky. I am a clinical psychologist, child psychologist and solution focused coach. I can help you with individual psychological counseling and coaching personally in Budapest or online through Skype.

I have an MA degree in psychology with health psychology specialisation. I have completed my clinical psychology training in 2004. I studied solution focused coaching at the Erickson Institute in Canada. I also have a degree in economy with human resources specialization.

In addition to Coaching for Mastery I am the founder and leading expert of the Hungarian language website Nők Külföldön (Women Abroad). I lived several years in various European countries and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

I am a trained psychodrama assistant and have participated in Gendlin’s focusingtraining, art therapy and dance & movement therapy trainings too.

Which are the most common problems my clients come with?

  • People living abroad or preparing to go and live abroad,
  • People having problems with cultural integration,
  • People trying to have children for a long time or receiving fertility treatment,
  • People stuck in their career or preparing for a change of career,
  • People having self-confidence or self-esteem problems,
  • People having problems conducting their lives,
  • People who want to change their lives but do not know how to start it,
  • People having physical symptoms,
  • Parents having problems rearing their children.

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