Who is it recommended for?


  • People living in a foreign country who wish to accommodate as fast as possible or to make the most of their new situation.

  • People who have reached a decision in their private life or career and want to make the decision that is best for themselves.

  • People who want to exploit their innate potentials more efficiently.

  • People who wish to realize a dream but not do not know how to begin.

  • People who wish to develop in their private life or career.

  • People who try to find the career path most suitable for them.

  • People who try to change their way of life (e.g. lose weight, start exercising, etc.)

  • People on the threshold of great changes and who wish to be prepared for such changes.

  • People who do not want to feel that their workplace is a prison.

  • People who want to be more efficient in their private lives or career.

  • People who want to develop certain skills or competences in such a way that has a positive effect on their whole personality.

If you are interested in coaching or have questions please do not hesitate to contact me at petra.votisky@coachingformastery.com or APPLY HERE for a complimentary session.

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