Complimentary session

Are you interested in coaching or psychological counseling? 

Don’t you know which service would fit you the best?

Let’s arrange a complimentary session with me. Please fill the form below.

What is the process?

Before the first session: In a short informative discussion we agree in the technical details of the coaching process and talk about any questions related to it. During this discussion we can decide if the coaching is the best available option for you or psychological counseling /consultancy would support you more. This is usually done by phone or Skype and takes not more that 10-15 minutes. This discussion is always free of charge. If the most suitable service for you is coaching or psychological counseling I can offer you a complimentary session. After this informative discussion I send you a questionnaire that will help you prepare for our first conversation.

The first (complimentary) session:  It is also free of charge. This is an about 30 minutes long session during which we talk about you and our relation only. You can get to know me as a coach and you will see what benefits coaching may offer to you. I can also get to know you and I can see where your life is at and what are the goals you want to reach. At the end of this session we make a decision about the next steps. This session may be held by Skype, by phone or in person.

Consultancy (1-4 sessions about a certain topic)

In case of consultancy (1-4 sessions) the first informative discussion if free and can be 15-30 minutes. The next session is paid.

CLICK HERE to read more about the process of coaching.

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Due to maternity leave consultancy services are intermittent. I will be available again from Autumn 2019.

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