Fresh start – coaching fellowship program

 for expats


Do you have to restart your life abroad?

Don’t you find your place? 

Do you feel stuck in your life?

Do you have to restart your career?

Would you like to do something for yourself?

If any of the answers is “YES” this program might be interesting for you. 🙂

What is this program?

10 week coaching program with a focus on RESTART! In this transformational journey you can work on your career, relationship, fitting in, confidence or anything else. It is your choice.

During this 10 week program we are going to have one 60 min session/week, altogether 10 hours. Between the sessions you are going to work on your “homework”. In the beginning of the program we are going to set a goal together and you are going to work to accomplish it with my support. During the program I am going to support you with coaching, psychological and counseling tools in order to help you in this fresh start and accomplish your goals.

Don’t you know what coaching is?


Who am I?

cropped-petra.jpgVotisky Petra

Solution-focused coach, expat-coach and clinical psychologist.

Areas of expertise:

Cultural integration, intercultural topics, work-life balance, career change, fertility-intfertility, living healthy, restart your life.

You can read about me in more details.

What is the price of the program?

The value of this 10 week program is 400 EUR, but you have a chance now to attend it for FREE (without payment) with a FELLOWSHIP.

What does it mean?

  • You DON’T HAVE TO PAY for the coaching sessions, BUT
  • You should invest TIME, ENERGY, WORK in the process.

Why is this program free?

I am always willing to support those people who are open to change his/her life. This program could be a foundation of a better, more successful life from financial, career, relationship or medical point of you. Actually this program is not totally free: the participant invests energy, time and work in that and I also put in my time, energy, work and expertise.

Who can apply?

Anyone who…

    • wants to restart any of the areas of his/her life;
    • is realistic about his/her goals for coaching (feasible for completion within a 2.5-3 month period);
    • agrees that public case studies and articles will be published about our work (Of course the confidential details will not be shared with public and all the articles will be published after his/her approval.);
    • agrees that we will speak 60 min/week for 10 weeks ONLINE or OFFLINE IN BUDAPEST and beside of that she/he can invest at least 2-3 hours a week.
    • agrees that he/she will do the homework;
    • agrees that he/she follows through the coaching process;
    • agrees that he/she will makes the agreed changes even if he/she has to step out his/her comfort zone.
    • completely fill in the application form: CLICK HERE to fill the form.


Application deadline: 18th September.

Process of selection:

One expat can start the program this autumn. If there are more successful applications another person can start the program a few months later.

  1. Please fill the application form as a first step. CLICK HERE to fill the form.
  2. I speak briefly with those applicants who are – in my opinion – most motivated, commited to change and restart. These short Skype or phone interviews will be in the second half of September.
  3. We discuss the details of the process with the chosen applicant.

Application deadline: 18th September.


This program is not a 10 week psychological counseling but a coaching program. It means we are going to work on an exact goal set by you. This goal is necessary for the successful coaching process. The questionnaire (application form) might even now help you to clarify your goals and step towards it. 

If you won’t be the selected applicant it does not mean that you are not good enough. It only means that there is someone who is more motivated, commited or needs this program more according to my opinion or the best solution to solve your problem is not coaching.


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